3 Best Litter Boxes to Keep Dogs Out (Buying Guide)

by Top Cat Breeds
best litter box to keep dogs out

Running a multi-pet household isn’t easy. Fights will erupt, pet supplies aren’t cheap, and dogs will try to invade the cat’s litter box. This is a common occurrence since dogs explore the world through their noses. The stinky litter box will surely tickle their curiosity. The result would be a big mess and a dog-cat rift. To prevent this, you must invest in the best litter box to keep dogs out.

The following are my top 3 picks:

 Our Top Pick! 
pidan Studio Snow
Igloo Cat Litter Box
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Catit Hooded
Litter Box Kit
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Petmate Booda
Dome Litter Box
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Why do dogs like to get into cat litter boxes?

Is your dog always trespassing on your cat’s litter box? This is not really a mystery. Dogs have a strong sense of smell, so they are always curious over smelly things – even stinky ones. And once their noses get intrigued, they will be checking out the smelly stuff.

Also, dogs like eating poop. I know it’s gross, but that’s just how it goes for some canines. Scientifically known as coprophagia, the poop-eating habit among dogs happens for a lot of reasons.

First, coprophagia is due to the canine’s innate tendency to protect its pack from potential parasites found on poop. While it’s repulsive for humans, it’s not really that gross for dogs who have been doing it for thousands of years.

Aside from that, it’s possible that the cat’s poop still has undigested proteins on it. When your dog smells it, they perceive poop as something edible. And before you know it, your Fido is already snacking on your cat’s smelly feces.

If your dog isn’t eating the cat poop, digging is the potential cause. As you know, dogs have a never-ending love affair with burrowing. The litter-filled box is one of the most convenient outlets indoors. But as the owner, it spells a mess for you.

To stop this, you can purchase a litter box that prevents dogs from getting in. Below, I reviewed the three best options you can consider.

Best Litter Box to Keep Dogs Out – My Top 3 Picks


OUR TOP PICK: pidan Studio Snow Igloo Cat Litter Box
best litter box to keep dogs out

Product Name: pidan Studio Snow Igloo Cat Litter Box

Product Description: If you're looking for the best litter box to keep dogs out, you should get the pidan Studio Snow Igloo Cat Litter Box. It has a patented, grated doorway that prevents litter from spreading on the floor. It acts as a mat to rub the litter off your cat's paws. Aside from that, this has a narrow entrance that only your cat can fit in. This prevents your dog from invading the litter box and eating some "finger snacks". Moreover, this is made of contact-grade polypropylene, so it's safe and non-toxic for cats. Despite its igloo style, this litter box is very spacious and suitable for medium-sized kitties. This also comes with a scooper, so you only need to purchase the litter.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Odor Control
  • Dog Proofing
  • Ease of Use
  • Value for Money


I also like the clean look, and the poop is hidden inside. When you need to scoop, simply lift the dome to access the litter pan.

Overall, this litter box is suitable for cats under 17 pounds of weight. It also has the Ionpure Antibacterial Technology that neutralizes odor so your home will not smell like cat poop.

You can get this litter box in arctic white, baby blue, and baby pink colors.


Ionpure antibacterial technology

Anti-tracking grated corridor design

Easy to access for scooping


Not for big cats


Catit Hooded Litter Box Kit

best litter box to keep dogs out

Another dog-proof cat litter box that I recommend is the Catit Hooded Litter Box Kit. It’s hooded, so the litter and the cat poop is completely covered.

This litter box also comes with a plastic door that easily allows your cat to get in and out of the litter box. The door also discourages the doggo from entering. Aside from that, it traps the smell inside the litterbox, so your dog won’t smell it.

Moreover, this has a built-in bag anchor that lets you place a litter bag, so there’s no need to scoop. This is also great for multiple cats since it can hold lots of litter at once.

Overall, this litter box has a dimension of 57 cm x 46.5 cm x 39 cm. Meanwhile, the door opening is 26.5 cm x 24.5 cm, which can comfortably fit a cat.

I also like the carbon-infused filter that traps odor so your dog will be less likely to detect the presence of poop. Also, the litter doesn’t track on its box, which is a big plus for me.

Sure, it’s not 100% dog-proof, but with proper training, your dog will not dare touch the poop inside.

  • Carbon-infused filter
  • Built-in bag anchor
  • Swinging door flap
  • The plastic material is a little bit thin

Petmate Booda Dome Litter Box

My last recommendation is the Petmate Booda Dome Litter Box. This has an enclosed design with a stair entry. It prevents tracking while keeping your dog away from your cat’s poop.

Moreover, this has a charcoal filter that helps neutralize odor so your dog won’t get to sniff it. It’s also perfect for multiple cats since this is 21 x 21 inches in size.

You can lift the dome enclosure to scoop and refill the litter box. Medium to large-sized dogs has no way of entering this litter box since the dome locks in place.

I also like that I can use the litter box without liner bags. With enough litter, the poop and pee will not pass through and reach the bottom.

Even finicky cats will love pooping in this litter box, thanks to its design with privacy. It’s fairly easy to clean as well, which is a big plus for me.

Overall, this is a large litter box that can fit multiple cats. It’s also much cheaper than other options, so it’s a steal for those who are on a budget.

  • Charcoal filter that reduces bad odor
  • Textured stairs entrance to prevent tracking
  • Very affordable price
  • You’d have to clean the stairs regularly to remove the stuck litter

How to choose a litter box to keep dogs out

Since there are many market options, finding the best litter box to keep dogs out can be challenging. To help you out, you should consider these points:


Litter boxes come in different types. The type actually dictates how effective it will be in keeping dogs out. The following are some of the common types:

Dome litter box. These are effective in keeping dogs away since it has a smaller entrance. Most dome litter boxes also have a circling path, which is impossible for most dogs to access. It’s also effective in reducing the smell.

Top-loading litter box. This one is designed with an opening on top where your cat can enter. This can pass as a dog-proof box, but tipping can be an issue if your dog tries to squeeze itself into the entrance.

Self-cleaning litter box. A self-cleaning litter box has a mechanism that collects the used litter after your cat has eliminated. There’s no guarantee that this type is always dog-proof since some are highly accessible.

Open litter pans. If there’s one litter box you shouldn’t get if you have dogs are open pans. These are basically sitting snack plates for your dog that loves to eat cat poop.


The first thing you should keep in mind is the size of the litter box. No matter how safe it is against dogs, it’s no use if your cat can’t fit inside.

You should check the dimensions as well as the size of the entrance. Usually, litter boxes are measured based on the cat’s weight.

Aside from that, you must consider the size of the litter box as compared to the spot where you plan to place it. For those who are living in small apartments, a compact cat litter box is ideal.

✔️Mode of entry

How your cat enters the litter box will dictate how safe it is against dogs. A small and tapering entrance is ideal because it blocks dogs from reaching the litter. Dome litter boxes are excellent options here, especially those with stairs or ascending paths.


Aside from the construction of the litter box, you should also pay attention to the material of the litter box. Most of these boxes are made of plastic, but make sure that it’s durable enough to last for a year or two. Also, the plastic shouldn’t be too thin or flimsy.

Above all, the material should be non-toxic, or it will compromise your cat’s health.

✔️Odor control

Odor control is very important when it comes to litter boxes. You wouldn’t want the poop and pee smell to emanate all over your home. This is why some litter boxes are equipped with charcoal filters that help neutralize the litter box’s bad odor.

Also, I recommend getting an enclosed litter box not just to evade dogs, but also to trap the odor inside. So even if you can’t scoop the litter out, the odor will not spread. This will also prevent your dog from getting interested in the litter box.


Lastly, consider how much maintenance the litter box needs. It should be easy to clean, assemble, and operate. Otherwise, you will have to do more work, which isn’t ideal for those with busy schedules.

Some litter boxes are paired with scoopers, saving you some bucks and making the cleaning process much easier.

Another option you can look for are litter boxes lined with a litter bag. This will save you from washing the box since you can easily throw the old litter with the bag if need be.


There are a lot of cheap litter boxes in the market, but not all of them are created equal. While you can always get the cheapest one, investing a little more will give you better quality. It’s all about finding the right balance between the quality and the overall price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I keep my dog out of my cat’s litter box?

A: While dogs are naturally curious of litter boxes, you can pick a box made to prevent canines from entering. Igloo types and those with narrow entrances are excellent options. Only your cat can fit inside, giving your dog no chances of getting into the litter. You should also train your dog not to touch the litter box.

Q:  How do I stop my dog from eating cat poop from the litter box?

A: Aside from buying a dog-proof litter box, you can also use a food additive that will make the cat poop smell awful. You can ask the vet which suits your cat to prevent potential irritations. Training and proper medication will also stop your dog from seeking the cat poop.

Q: Will cat litter hurt my dog?

A: Your dog shouldn’t ingest cat litter, especially clumping ones. The clumping litter will harden on the stomach and cause a serious blockage. Even non-clumping and silica litter are not safe, so you should watch out if your dog has a habit of invading the litter box.

Q: Can a dog get toxoplasmosis from eating cat poop?

A: Toxoplasmosis is caused by the T. gondii parasite found on cat feces. It can cause serious illnesses and even death to humans. Even your dog will experience the same, which is the reason why you should do something with the poop-eating habit.

Q: Do all cats have toxoplasmosis?

A: No, not all cats have the T. gondii parasite. However, those who have it won’t always show any signs of infection. It’s best to get your cat vet-checked regularly. Right now, there’s no commercially available vaccine for toxoplasmosis, so you have to be careful. Nevertheless, this condition is rare for indoor cats. 

Final words

The best litter box to keep dogs out will help you manage a multi-pet household. Instead of cleaning up a big mess, you can get the right tool to prevent your dog from getting into the litter. This will also give your cat the peace of mind.

What do you think of these cat litter boxes? Let us know below!

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