Best Litter Box For Ragdoll Cats

Many cats use litter boxes instinctively making them easy to maintain. Ragdolls, in particular, are very clean animals who want a pristine litter box. Similar to humans’ cats don’t like to do their business on something dirty. These cats require the best litter box for ragdoll cats that are huge to accommodate their size. Ragdolls are larger than the average cat so they will have larger fecal matter so you will want to make sure that you clean their litter box at least a couple of times a day. When you think about it, cats have a finer smell than humans, and they don’t enjoy having to step into a litter box full of feces and waste. 

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Choosing the best litter box for ragdoll cats

Best Litter Box For Ragdoll Cats

As mentioned, there is no specific litter box for adult cats, but rather you should look for a set of features that can be a good option for them.


Your top consideration when selecting any litter box is whether or not your cat will be able to fit inside. Remember that ragdolls are between 10 to 15 pounds. Because of this, you obviously need a roomy sized box. A good indicator is if the manufacturer says that it can accommodate a Maine coone, it will likely be able to fit a Ragdoll cat.


You will be spending several times a day scooping out poop so make sure you get something that makes the job as effortless as possible. You can opt for a mechanical self-cleaning box, but not everyone may have the budget for it.


Your budget will play a huge role in selecting the best litter box for ragdoll cats. Typically, you wouldn’t want to spend a small fortune for something as basic as a litter box. However, you should factor in the overall ratings and reviews to determine the value of the litter box if it is on the expensive side. You may be paying twice for a cheap product because you will be replacing it regularly. 

RAGDOLL CAT LITTER BOX PROBLEMS– best litter box for ragdoll cats

Best Litter Box For Ragdoll Cats

Factor in any issues or challenges your ragdoll will face when using a litter box such as:

  • Male ragdolls tend to be high-spraying cats, so look for something that has tall sides.
  • Litter boxes for seniors and kittens need to be low entry. 
  • Shyer cats will require more privacy, so opt for something with a lid.

Overall it would help if you had a litter box that is easy to maintain, and your cat will find convenient to use.

Ragdoll litter requirements– best litter box for ragdoll cats

Huge litter box

The bigger the litter box, the better, especially when we’re talking about large breeds such as ragdoll. Some people would utilize plastic storage containers from brands such as Rubbermaid as a litter box.

Petco brand creates and sells huge size litter boxes for large cats as well. It is roomy enough and gives them enough space to move around to do their business.

It is crucial to have more than one litter box per cat per floor of your home. This also especially convenient for you so you wouldn’t be hassled going up and downstairs to maintain litter boxes. Factor in the age of your cat if they are in their senior years, they wouldn’t want to travel far for their business.

Steer clear from hooded litter boxes as well. A litter box with a hood keeps the ammonia odor from cat urine trapped inside and can become really toxic smelling.

A good Litter Scoop for Each Litter Box 

Scooping debris out of your litter box and keeping it pristine overall will help reduce accidents. A good litter scoop is the litter lifter brand. Scooping is a breeze with this device, and because of its peaked blades, it doesn’t disperse as much dust.

It is crucial to scoop out waste from the litter box several times a day at the very least; it should be cleaned at least once a day. Cats have little patience when walking on their old feces and urine when they use the restroom afresh.

It is recommended to have a wastebasket with a plastic bag near the litter boxes so you can scoop out the waste and get rid of it immediately. 

Good Litter for Your Litter Box

When it comes to litter, there are tons of choices out there. It is recommended to use one that is all-natural and has a clumping ability. Although the litter does a good job in keeping the odors at bay, it is not the best choice for your kitty’s tummies so you may want something with a natural clumping formula that is well scented.

You might want something with lavender oil in it, so it smells natural and not artificial.

The clumping ability makes it easier to scoop out the waste. It also makes it possible to remove feces and urine in the litter box. If you use non-clumping litter, it will leave behind the remnants of feces and urine all over the litter box which will be a turn off for your kitty.

Best Ragdoll litter box size– best litter box for ragdoll cats

Best Litter Box For Ragdoll Cats

How Tall should the Litter Box Sides Be?

The height of the size of the box is extremely important. Your cat’s size will dictate the height of the litter boxes you should purchase.

Best Box Height for Most Cats

If your cat is not a sprayer and if they don’t kick out litter from their boxes, a box with walls which has 5 to 7-inch heights is ideal.

Box height for Cats who are sprayers

If your cat is a sprayer or kicks out litter or worse yet, your cat has bad aim, then you will want to purchase sides that are tall enough to reduce the effects of these undesirable habits. Of course, you should still factor in the convenience of your cat, and they should get in and out of their litter boxes with the ease and without challenges.

Choose a height around 8 to 12 inches but also has a low entry or exit side to make getting in and out effortless.

Best Box Height for cats with Mobility Issues

If you have a small kitten or any cat suffering from arthritis and other mobility issues, then you will want boxes with a least one side that is extremely low. For many of these cats, an entry-exit side that is around 5 inches will give a good balance of convenient entry and exit. This kind of design can keep the litter in. 

Litter box habits of ragdoll cats– best litter box for ragdoll cats

It is crucial to consider clumping clay litter for your ragdoll cat because if the litter does not clump removing it will become more difficult and leave remnants of waste inside a box. Waste can seep into plastic which is a porous material leaving toxic odor behind that can stick to the box unless you are using liners which can annoy cats and are really not needed if the litter pan is properly cleaned and maintained.

Top 3 best litter box for ragdoll cats



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Product Description: Natures miracle best litter box for ragdoll cats has 11-inch-high walls and nearly 18 inches of room so even a British shorthair breed shouldn’t have issues getting in and out of this litter box. Cats tend to urinate outside smaller boxes if they cannot fit. Natures miracle best litter box for ragdoll cats reduces the chances of sprays making its way into floors and carpets. The litter box is designed for the average size cat and are level on every edge but the entrance on this model is lowered in a groove shape to make it effortless for cats who are suffering from arthritis and hip dysplasia. Large cats tend to develop hip problems. 20% of purebred cats such as the main coon and Persian, which are large suffer from this condition. Since this best litter box for ragdoll cats has easy access, you won’t have to be hassled about whether or not your cat will be comfortable enough to fit in and use it.

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  • Design
  • Material
  • Durability


This best litter box for ragdoll cats is a pet stain, and odor resistant brand trusted and beloved by pet owners for over 35 years. You can credit this brand’s highly effective stain and odor removing formula utilized in the litter box that is perfect for dogs and cats. Natures miracle brand best litter box for ragdoll cats offers a well-designed litter box for daily pet messes, making it effortless for you to clean virtually anything.


  • High sides to prevent litter scatter
  • Spot or wipe clean
  • Non-stick surface for easy cleaning


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Petmate Giant Litter Pan with Microban

Best Litter Box For Ragdoll Cats

Consumers highly recommend this best litter box for ragdoll cats. It can hold up to 30 pounds of waste. It is a fact that bigger animals will excrete bigger poops, so it is an ideal box for large breeds.

Although it does contain high walls with two slots for scooping and cleaning, keep in mind that this best litter box for ragdoll cats is not exactly easy to access and you may need to replace it as your cat gets older. Since it is quite large, this best litter box for ragdoll cats is perfect for anyone who has more than one cat.

But, one complaint that owners have about this litter box is that the scoop holders aren’t very functional. There is a good chance that your cat might accidentally poop on them. If your large breed cat has a habit of making a mess, this might not be the ideal box for your home.

Moreover, the corners are rounded, which makes it a challenge to clean up and remove the waste. Some consumers have complained that the size can’t accommodate all the waste and some get thrown out of the box.

  • Ideal box for large cats’ messy litter habits
  • The high back offers protection from the mess
  • The lower entrance makes it easy to get into and out of
  • Size can’t accommodate all waste

Petmate Giant Litter Pan for Cat


This best litter box for ragdoll cats is jumbo-sized however it may not be large enough for extra-large breeds. Petmate giant litter best litter box for ragdoll cats has antimicrobial features. It works well for cats with bone issues.

Although a few owners have complained that it is smaller than it appears to be, most have praised in size and the quality of the material used in this best litter box for ragdoll cats. The litter box measures 21 inches in length 17 inches in width with a depth of 10 inches.

The only notable issue that people come across with this litter box is it doesn’t match the colors in ad pictures. But when it comes to functionality, this best litter box for ragdoll cats delivers quality. 

With this best litter box for ragdoll cats, you can swiftly clean up after your cat. Utilize waste bags, pads to poop scoopers, litter boxes and litter. Everything is covered for your pet.

Petmate best litter box for ragdoll cats has over 50 years of experience, and they are passionately designing and making essential items for dogs and cats and other furry friends. This manufacturer has tons of eco-friendly products that pets will enjoy.

  • Provides ample space for cats
  • Wide base & high walls
  • Features antimicrobial protection
  • Smaller than it appears

Final thoughts

Ragdolls are superb looking cats making them a top breed to own for many cat lovers. But this large cat does have a few special requirements. First off, they will need a roomy best litter box for ragdoll cats. It is especially important to give ragdolls a litter box that can accommodate their size conveniently. The litter box should also be effortless for you to clean. Cats require pristine boxes, and if it is less than that, they might do their business elsewhere.