Best Cat Litter Disposal System – Top 3 Options!

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best cat litter disposal system

I’m not a fan of disposing of cat litter. It’s a stinky task, and as a parent of three cats, I have to take endless trips to the trash can. But not anymore with the best cat litter disposal system. Instead of wasting double bags, this disposal system uses less plastic, and it also keeps the odor away. The best part is I can scoop out litter, put it in the disposal system, and keep it there so I can dispose of it together with more scoops after several days.

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Litter Genie Plus
Pail + 3 Refills
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Litter Champ Litter
Disposal System
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PetFusion Portable
Litter Disposal System
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What is a cat litter disposal system?

A cat litter disposal system is a container that lets you collect used up litter clumps. Instead of using a lot of plastic bags every time you will scoop your cat’s litter box, this system saves your resources. It also traps the smell while you wait for more scoops before finally disposing of the accumulated poop.

This system looks like a trash can but with added features. It uses a plastic refill outfitted in a trim that suits perfectly inside the disposal system. This is easy to use, and refills are available for a very low cost.

If you’re tired of the awful odor of your cat’s poop, this disposal system is a great buy.

Do I really need one?

Well, if you want to save yourself from buying tons of plastic bags and making multiple trips to the garbage can, you should get this disposal system. It lets you collect used litter to keep the smell away from your living space.

This cat litter disposal system is also convenient if you don’t have time to dispose of the cat litter right away. Simply scoop and dump it into the disposal system. You can deal with it later on, and you can also add more scoops.

In the long run, a cat litter disposal system will help you save money. It will also save you from the embarrassment of having cat poop smell on your home when guests arrive.

How to use a cat litter disposal system?

The cat litter disposal system is almost similar to a trash can. There’s a plastic bag to line the container. For Litter Genie Plus, for example, the setup goes like this:

  • There’s a push-button that will let you open the pail open. It has two parts hinged together.
  • To set up, get the refill cartridge, where the plastic bag is rolled inside. Just pop the tab off and remove the seal.
  • Pull the plastic bag evenly. Be careful because it’s a continuous bag so you wouldn’t want to pull too much length at once.
  • Next, open the top part of the disposal system and lift the other layer that will lock the refill cartridge inside.
  • Before dropping the refill cartridge inside, pull the plastic and tie a knot to seal it. Otherwise, the poop will just fall into the bin.
  • If you don’t want to use too much plastic, you can use a zip tie to seal the opening of the bag.
  • Once the plastic bag is tied at the end, pull the horizontal latch door in the middle of the disposal system then push the plastic bag inside.
  • After that, close the second lid that will lock the refill in place. You should also push the latch door back. Voila! Your cat litter disposal system is ready for use.

Not following? Here’s Floppycats with a demo of Litter Genie Litter Disposal System (full review below!).

How to choose a cat litter disposal system?

When shopping for the best cat litter disposal system, you must look for the following features:

🐱Look for odor control

The main goal of using a cat litter disposal unit is to prevent the bad smell from wafting all over your home. This is why you should look for a unit that has excellent odor control features. It should have a tight-locking lid to prevent the smell from leaking.

🐱Get refills

If possible, look for a cat litter disposal system that’s bundled with plastic refills. It’s much cheaper to buy than waiting for the single refill to run out then ordering more refills separately. If you have multiple cats at home, it’s always ideal to have refills stocked at home.

🐱Ergonomics is king

The last thing you want is struggling to open the disposal system just as you are holding a scoopful of poop. The system should work seamlessly to prevent leaking the used litter. It should have an easy-open design that locks in nicely without any snags.

🐱Look for extras

Extras like litter scoopers and scoop hangers are excellent additions. As much as you may have a favorite scooper, it’s always nice to get these extras to give the best value for your money.

🐱Consider the number of cats

If you have a single feline at home, any litter disposal system will work. However, if you’re raising multiple kitties, you should consider a larger unit that will not fill up easily. You can also get small but several disposal systems to place beside every litter box you have at home.

🐱Get a compact design

Personally, I prefer a compact disposal system that I can place inconspicuously in a corner. It’s ideal to get a unit that can fit under the stairs, bathroom, and small spaces so you can hide it from plain sight. Besides, a larger litter disposal system is more difficult to clean.

🐱Consider the price

Lastly, consider the price of the cat litter disposal unit. If you’re going to ask me, I’m willing to spend a few more bucks to get a unit that will last for years. While you can always find dirt cheap options, it might be too flimsy and may crack easily.

Best Cat Litter Disposal System – Top 3 Options!


OUR TOP PICK: Litter Genie Plus Pail + 3 Refills
best cat litter disposal system

Product Name: Litter Genie Plus Pail + 3 Refills

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best cat litter disposal system, you’ll never go wrong with the Litter Genie Plus Pail. It comes with three refills to ensure that you’re always ready even on the busiest days in the litter box. This disposal system is very easy to use: scoop the litter and drop it inside the pail. Shut the lid and then pull its handle to lock it in. Overall, this disposal system can hold up to 14 days of cat litter. Its refill cartridge lasts 30% longer than other brands. If you have multiple cats, you should get the XL pail instead.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Ergonomics
  • Capacity
  • Ease of Use
  • Odor Control
  • Value for Money


Moreover, the design of this litter disposal system helps combat bad smells. It also has a compact build with a scooper holder on the side for hassle-free scooping. There’s also a built-in cutter inside so you no longer have to look for a scissor. It also reduces the chance of spilling used litter.

Overall, this is a must-have for all cat-owners. Instead of tossing everything in the messy trash can multiple times, this disposal unit will let you collect used litter for weeks for one-time disposal. It’s hassle-free, and it will save your nose from the revolting scent.


Easy to use

Trusted by thousands of cat owners

XL pail can hold up to 3 weeks’ worth of used litter


I wish that the opening is a bit larger


Litter Champ Litter Disposal System

best cat litter disposal system

Another option I recommend is the Litter Champ Disposal System. This one borrows the build of a step-on trash can for contactless disposal of your cat’s poop. Like the one from Litter Genie, this one uses a continuous bagging system to house up to four gallons of kitty litter.

No assembly is required for this disposal system. It will arrive ready to use, simply add the refill cartridge and you’re good to go. The package already includes the bag liner and litter scoop, so there’s nothing else you need.

Moreover, this disposal system is covered by the manufacturer’s five-year warranty. It also sports a triple seal door design to lock in all the odors.

To dispose of the litter, the door of the litter box swings sideways. There’s also a door-mounted cutter so you can cut the bag off and tie it right away. Simply tie the loose end of the continuous bag, and the unit is ready to use again.

I also like the look of this disposal system. It has a matte gray color that doesn’t look like a trash can. If you have one cat, each refill cartridge will last for up to 2 to 3 months of use.

  • Step-on design for contactless scooping
  • Swing door with built-in cutter
  • Aesthetic design
  • The scoop that comes in the package has wide slats

PetFusion Portable Litter Disposal System

Do you prefer a portable disposal system? If so, I recommend the one from PetFusion. It has a silicone netting on the lid that’s infused with a charcoal deodorizer. This keeps the smell contained inside the disposal system. 

Aside from that, this system has a removable inner basket for easy cleaning. Instead of using a continuous bagging system, PetFusion keeps it simple with a typical litter bag. The removable basket has side snaps to keep the liner in place.

Meanwhile, the main container has a large locking handle that lets you transport the disposal system anywhere in your house. This disposal system is 16 inches tall, which is compact enough for most homes.

This unit gets the job done, and it doesn’t look like a trash can. If you’re having trouble with the small openings of other disposal systems, this is a good option. Its top lid swings open fully like a typical trash bin to give you more space when using wider scoopers.

  • Sturdy bin with large opening
  • Comes with a charcoal deodorizer
  • Removable inner basket
  • You have to be careful for the clips not to rip the bags

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I flush cat litter on the toilet?

A: No, it’s not advisable to flush cat litter to the toilet. Cat feces contain parasites and bacteria that are harmful to human health. This can lead to contamination and spread of diseases like toxiplasmosis. Aside from that, clumping litter can block your sewerage system, which will create more problems.

Q: Is it okay to dump cat litter outside?

A: You should never dispose of cat litter in the open. You should always seal it inside a plastic and put it in the garbage. Cat litter is not a good choice for mulch since most of the litters in the market are not natural. Also, other animals may scavenge on it and contract an infection that your cat may have.

Q: How can you prevent bad odor from building up on my cat’s litter box?

A: To prevent odor build-up, you must scoop out the clumps and place it in a disposal system. This will keep the litter box clean and without the malodors that may discourage your cat from using it again. Ensure that you clean the litter box once a month to remove any smell and dirt that attached to it.

Q: Is cat poop toxic?

A: Yes, cat poop contains bacteria and viruses that are toxic to humans. Besides, any feces are wastes that should never be in contact with humans. It’s important to dispose of your cat’s excretion properly.

Q: Why does my cat’s poop stink so badly?

A: A lot of factors can affect the smell of your cat’s poop. The food it eats, gut health, and other health problems could make your cat’s poop smellier than most. If your cat’s poop odor is unbearable, you should consider bringing it to the vet for an examination.

Final words

The best cat litter disposal system will save you from the tiring task of disposing of used cat litter every single time you scoop it out. Instead of wasting bags, you can collect multiple scoops before tossing it to the trash. It’s a time-saving, money-saving, and less messy option, especially for households with multiple cats.

What do you think of the cat litter disposal systems I reviewed here? Let me know below!

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