5 Best Cat Beds for Older Cats Who Love to Sleep

Fun fact: cats sleep for an average of 15 hours a day. With the long hours they spend dozing off, you should give the kitty the most comfortable bed. The best cat beds for older cats are also a must for felines that are about ten years old. This will ensure that your pet is having comfortable and quality sleep while enjoying proper body support.

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Why your cat needs a bed

Cats can sleep almost everywhere – in the cold pavement, that tiny gap on the couch, on top of our laptop, and so on. Since they need to log at least 11 to 15 hours a day, your pet must have a spot where it can retreat and rest.

This is the main reason why cat beds are useful. It’s not just the mere vanity of cat owners. Cat beds are made of soft materials to make the feline comfortable. Some even have a cave design to mimic the natural habitat of cats in the wild.

Moreover, giving your cat its bed will save you from disturbances in your own bedroom. Although cats aren’t as large as dogs, experts found that letting your kitty share your bed can affect your sleeping patterns.

Cats are nocturnal beings, so they love roaming around at night. This is the reason why you will wake up from a loud meow in the wee hours. If you don’t want your sleep to be interrupted, it’s time to give your cat its own cot.

Aside from that, cat beds, especially those designed with a cave-like dome, give a sense of security to your pet. And during winter, your kitty needs a heated bed where they can beat the freezing temperatures.

Types of cat beds

There are three common types of cat beds. The following are their differences: 

✔️Kitty condo

A kitty condo is a component of a cat tree. Those are the perched caves with entrance holes on it. This is the best choice for cats who like sleeping on elevated spots. However, since it doesn’t offer much support, it may not be ideal for older and senior cats.

✔️Comfort curler

Comfort curler beds are donut or bagel-shaped beds with a plush material. This is a common option for many cat owners. It can be moved around easily, and it doesn’t consume much space. You can also wash the material easily.

✔️Window perch

Lastly, there are window perch beds or those that are suspended using two strings and several suction cups. It’s like a hammock that gives your kitty a good view of the outdoors. This is a great choice for glass windows and walls.

What to look for the best cat bed?

If you’re shopping for the best cat beds for older cats, you must consider the following aspects:

✔️Comfortable material

The material of the bed will dictate how comfortable it is. Always choose a natural fabric to avoid any chemical treatments that will be poisonous for your cat. Avoid hanging fabric because cats, especially kittens, have the affinity of eating those.

We also recommend that you choose an easy-to-wash material. To keep your pet’s bed clean, you need to wash it weekly. For plush beds, it’s best if it’s machine-washable.

✔️Proper size

Cats come in different sizes. A bed for a Birman will be too small for a Maine Coon. You should always consider the breed of your pet and their maximum adult size.

The bed should be big enough to accommodate your cat’s entire body. Usually, cats will curl when sleeping. However, some felines love sleeping on their back. Whatever your cat’s sleeping position is, make sure that it will not fall off the bed.

✔️Raised sides

If possible, get a cat bed with raised sides. This will make your pet feel more secure, snug, and cozy. You can even get a cave-like bed where the cat can hide and sleep in peace. This is a calming choice if your cat gets anxious quickly.

✔️Heated vs. non-heated

One of the biggest differences between cat beds and dog beds is that the former is better with a heating function. This will keep the bed comfortable during winter. As you know, cats love warmth. So if you like, you can get a heated bed instead of the standard plush option.

Still, heated beds have their downsides. You have to be very careful with the heat setting, so it doesn’t go beyond your cat’s body temperature. Also, if your cat loves chewing wires, a heated bed can be problematic. In the end, it’s all about your cat’s personality and your preference.

5 Best Cat Beds for Older Cats


OUR TOP PICK: MIXJOY Orthopedic Pet Bed
best cat beds for older cats

Product Name: MIXJOY Orthopedic Pet Bed

Product Description: If your cat loves a plush bed, we highly recommend the MIXJOY Orthopedic Pet Bed. This is 36 x 36 x 6 inches and is also available in small and medium sizes. The highlight of this cat bed is its faux shag fur that offers a warm and cozy spot for sleeping. The donut-shaped bed has raised sides that allow your feline to burrow through the comfy material. It’s made of nylon and faux fur for a luxurious look and feel. The bottom of this cat bed as a non-slip material, so it stays in place even as your pet hops into it. The edges of the stitches are also durable yet delicate to prevent injuries.

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  • Material
  • Design
  • Comfort Level
  • Washability


What we also love about this plush bed is that it’s machine-washable. Just put it in a gentle cycle and tumble dry for a quick wash.

Lastly, this bed offers excellent orthopedic support so your old cat can lounge on it all day. It’s a very calming bed that will help an anxious kitty settle down.


Raised sides

Pet-safe material



Can be bulky for small apartments


Bessie and Barnie Bagel Pet Bed

best cat beds for older cats

If your feline tends to eat the shag fur of the MIXJOY bed, our second-best bet is the Bessie and Barnie Bagel bed. It’s made of faux fur with an ultra-plush softness that feels like a cloud. Your elderly cat can lounge on it with ample support for its body.

This is a convertible bed with a hidden drawstring so you can raise its sides or have your cat used it as a typical plush bed. You can also reverse the bed since both sides have the soft material.

The Bessie and Barnie Pet Bed have a machine-washable cover that lasts long even after multiple washes. You can remove the cover easily, thanks to its 360-degree zipper.

Overall, this is a luxurious bed made to last long. It’s custom-made for cats, not to mention that it uses eco-friendly and pet-safe materials. It’s super comfy that even dogs will love to snuggle on it. This is a versatile option if you have both cats and dogs at home.

  • Reversible construction
  • Convertible design
  • 360-degree hidden zipper
  • None so far

Fhasso Luxury Bamboo Cat Bed

best cat beds for older cats

If you’re looking for a cat bed with a cave-like dome, you’ll never go wrong with the Fhasso Luxury Bamboo Cat Bed. This is a luxurious choice that comes with a bamboo outer shell and a plush cushion inside.

Your older cat will like this as a hideout. The bonus part is that it’s a great accent piece for your bedroom or living room. Meanwhile, the velvet cushion offers ample support for your cat’s body. It’s a sanctuary that offers a calming effect for felines. And in case your older cat has incontinence, the mess wouldn’t get to the floor.

Your cat can ball and burrow inside with utmost comfort. Each of these bamboo cat beds has been handcrafted in Vietnam, so your purchase will help a community of craftsmen.

This cat bed is 17.8 inches wide and 13.8 inches tall. It suits most small to medium-sized cats of up to 10 pounds. Moreover, the cushion inside has a machine-washable cover for easy maintenance. You can also choose between Slate and Milk colors.

  • Stylish bamboo shell
  • Comfy velvet cushion
  • Decorative appearance
  • None yet

K & H Heated Cat Dream Pod

For those looking for a heated bed pod for their kitties, this one from K & H is a great choice. It has a cave-like design where your cat can hide, rest, and sleep. During winter, you can plug it in to use the built-in heater.

This pod is large enough or almost every cat. Its bowl design makes it easy to enter and exit without tipping it over.

The exterior of the pod is lined with a 600 denier polyester fabric. This is paired with a plush Lycra pillow where your older cat can snuggle all day long. The interior pillow is poly filled for guaranteed softness and support for your feline’s body.

Should you need to clean this pod, simply remove the cover and plush interior. It’s machine-washable for your convenience.

Moreover, the heating electronics of this bed use a 4-watt model, which is very energy efficient. The pod has a 22-inch diameter, which is large enough to house two medium-sized cats at once.

  • Heated design
  • Calming pod construction
  • Plush interior pillow
  • Wash everything before using it since it comes with a chemical smell

Walking Palm Felted Cat Cave Bed

For the real cave bed, we recommend the Walking Palm Felted Cat Bed. This cave bed is big enough to house cats of up to 16 pounds large. It’s made of natural wool for total comfort and safety.

Moreover, it’s 18 inches wide and 10 inches tall with a hole of 8 inches wide. This is a solid piece with no plush surface. Nevertheless, you can always add a small cat pillow inside to keep your kitty comfortable.

This is perfect for elderly cats who want the peace of a secluded bed. Also, it keeps them away from noisy kittens and pups if you have any at home. The cave design also helps anxious cats relax since it mimics their natural habitat in the wild.

Overall, this cave bed is soft, so if your cat decides to sleep on top of it, this will remain comfortable.

If you need to wash this bed, simply hand wash it using lukewarm water. Avoid putting this in the washing machine since the wool material may unravel and cause excessive lint.

  • Cave design
  • Soft, natural wool material
  • No chemical smell
  • No pillow included

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do cats even like cat beds?

A: Each cat is unique. Some cats will only sleep in their beds, while others will sleep everywhere except their beds. Ensure that the bed you’re purchasing for your feline is comfortable and suitable for their sleeping preferences. If your cat sleeps on high spots, it might be better to get a kitty condo than the typical plush bed.

Q: Where do cats like to sleep?

A: About 96% of cats share their owners’ beds. It could be in bed, pillow, or a separate bed inside the room. For less clingy cats, they may prefer cozying in the living room.

Q: Why does my cat keep on sleeping on my head at night?

A: It may appear as strange behavior, but it’s actually all about warmth. Some cats will do everything to lie down beside you because of your body warmth. Some cats would literally lie down in your face because of the warm air your nose blows.

Q: Is it cruel to let my cat sleep outdoors?

A: If you have an outdoor cat, then it would prefer to slumber outdoors. But for the rest, it’s best to keep them indoors, especially during winter. It really depends on your cat’s nature. For the most part, cat owners would keep their pets inside at night.

Q: Will my cat scratch its bed?

A: It’s not typical of cats to use their beds as scratching surfaces because it’s too soft and plush. Still, we recommend purchasing a dedicated scratching post to spare your furniture from the damage.

Final words

Your cat deserves a comfy spot to sleep at. The best cat beds for older cats will help your pet have a safe and calm space to rest. Make sure that you get one with the right material, size, and design.