Are Bengal Cats Hypoallergenic?

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Are Bengal Cats Hypoallergenic

There is one very popular question that has been asked on a regular daily basis – Are Bengal Cats hypoallergenic?

If you’re taking care of a Bengal cat, or you are planning to have one, you probably might want to know about that.

The good news here is yes, Bengal cats are considered hypoallergenic. This breed of cat is indeed hypoallergenic. However, there is one important factor that you should not forget. You have to keep in mind that even though Bengal cats are hypoallergenic, it does not assure you that they are allergy-free. It just means that there is a less likely small chance of getting any kind of allergic reaction. So that means that the Bengal cats, together with a few other kinds of breeds, are obviously in that group of cats that are hypoallergenic.

If you ever have a Bengal cat, there is some information on what causes the allergies and some tips on how your cat can avoid it. Continue reading this article and get to know more cool stuff!

Why are Bengal Cats Hypoallergenic?

If you’re wondering, ‘are Bengal cats hypoallergenic?’ There are so many reasons why Bengal cats are hypoallergenic, and here are some of them.

The first one is Minimal Shedding. Bengal cats are shedding a lot less than any other kind of cat breed. This just means that the dangers that may spread through an entire house are minimal, that is because Bengal cats do not lose so much of their fur.

The second one is Less Self-grooming. As you see that Bengal cats have soft and short fur, they groof less than most of any other kind of cat. That just means that the protein from the Bengal cat’s saliva does not spread around too much.

And the third one is the little amount of Protein Fel-D1. This one is somewhat related to the previous one. This means that the number of proteins in the Bengal’s cat saliva is relatively a lot less than any other kind of breed of cat. It adds to the reasons why bengals are hypoallergenic.

What Can You Do If You To Take Care A Bengal But Have Cat Allergies

You want a Bengal breed of cat but have cat allergies. Well, we all know that Bengal cats are absolutely one of the beautiful breeds of cats and so are one of the most attractive pets. However, what if there is one person in your family has cat allergies? Or even you, you do not want to rehome a Bengal cat. That is why it will always be a good idea to try on how you or one of your family members are going to react before investing in one as a pet.

Even though it is very hard and also not a very good idea, you need to first expose yourself to one of the Bengal breeds of cats. Nevertheless, there is one good way to do that, and that is you just have to find a Bengal breeder from who you plan on investing from.

First, you need to explain your situation to him/her and arrange a meeting to visit and spend some time with both the adult cats and kittens and monitor any reaction that you might have while you are with them. If you ever find that you have no kind of allergic reaction to a cat, then you may buy one, and that should be fine.

Tips For Cat-Allergic Bengal Owners

If you already have a Bengal cat and yet you are suffering from allergies. There are several tips and guidelines that we would like to share with you that you can follow.

  1. Thorough Cleaning – You have to wipe every surface in your house on a regular daily basis. It is something you should always do consistently, even if you do not own a cat. The Microfiber cleaning cloths are most likely the best because every fur of the cats will always stick to the microfiber very well. You also need to remember that if you ever have a carpet in your home, it will worsen your allergies. That is because the allergens will always settle into soft materials like carpet.
  1. Brush Your Bengal cat– It is very common to wash or take your pet to a bath. Giving them a bath will be good because Bengals also love to play in the water. However, giving them a bath could literally make their skin become even more dry. Giving your Bengal cat a bath also results in lowering the chance of allergies for the whole day. One of the best and effective alternatives for your Bengal cat is to brush him/her regularly. There are a variety of brushes that you could use. You can use a brush like the furminator, which is very good in removing a lot of loose fur.
  1. They Need a Specific healthy Diet– Just as a nutritious, healthy diet for you and perfect hydration and hygiene is very crucial to a people’s health. Of course, it also applies to your beloved cute Bengal cat. If you feed your Bengal cat the right food, it will give them a good improvement to their fur and skin. That means less flaky skin and a lot less chance of spreading any danger. When it comes to curing allergies, a good diet will always be the last thing humans usually think of.
  1. Importance of every filtration system-  Did you know that the Fed D1 protein can stay in the air for a number of days? It is because they are very lightweight. To fight this problem, you should try to consider having an air purification system and place it in your house. It will help to filter the air in your home surroundings. This way, it can minimize the allergic reactions that you might experience. 
  1. Do not expose yourself too much to your Bengal cat- Although this is a very tough one because there is nothing more that you want to do than give your cutie gorgeous Bengal cat a sweet hug and care. You just need to be more cautious in everything you do with your Bengal cat. Do not always allow your Bengal cat to go into your bed, and also, you always need to remember washing your hands and fingers after petting them.
  1. Always take your Medicine for allergies- So far, we are looking at every number of different kinds of options for your cute Bengal cat. However, you just need to remember that you can always take your medication that can help manage your allergies. You also need to keep your litter box clean at all times because limiting urine-to-air exposure is a very important task for you to reduce your allergies. And, there is only one way to do it. You just have to keep your Bengal cat litter box as clean as possible. You need to clean your cat’s litter box at least twice or three times a day, and of course, it should be done by someone who does not have any type of allergies.

Are There Any Other Hypoallergenic Cat Breeds?

Yes! Of course, there are other types and kinds of hypoallergenic cats, like Bengals.

Below, you will see other kinds of hypoallergenic breeds of cats that you might also want to consider taking care of.

Cornish Rex and Devon Rex

These cats are very intelligent and playful. Also, they don’t shed too much fur, which is suitable for allergic cat owners and family members.

Russian Blue

This cat is surprisingly good. It does not shed too much fur, and it produces less fed1 protein, even though they have a thick coat. So, aside from the Bengal hypoallergenic breed, Russian Blue cats are also a good option.


The Siberian cats have a very thick and beautiful coat with long hair. This cat is also hypoallergenic. Although they are high maintenance, they produce a very few amounts of Fed D1 Protein, which allergic cat owners should take into account.


This breed of cat has soft-down-like hair on its particular location of the body, even though some people think that they have no hair at all. And because they have less hair on their body, they are considered a hypoallergenic breed of cat.

Oriental Shorthairs

Even though they only have a short fine coat, these Oriental Shorthairs need to be brushed regularly. This type of cat does not shed too much fur on its surroundings. Just like other hypoallergenic breeds, it may be suitable for allergic owners.

Final Thoughts: Are Bengal Cats Hypoallergenic?

At this moment, you already know that Bengal cats are hypoallergenic. But, for a more safe environment for cat-allergic owners, cleanliness is always the best solution.

So, if you are allergic to cats yet wanting to adopt a cat, Bengal hypoallergenic cats can be the best option. Alternatively, you can also consider other types of hypoallergenic breeds of cats like what we mentioned earlier. Enjoy!

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