7 Tips On How to Keep Indoor Cats Warm in Winter

by Top Cat Breeds
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Winter is no fun for everyone even the animals too do not want to be outdoors. During this time of the year, even cats prefer to stay indoors where it is warm and cozy. If you have pets such as cats, then you need to take the right steps to care for them during winter. In this guide, we look at how to keep indoor cats warm in winter.

The following tips should apply to anyone who loves their cat and would want to provide it with the best care even during winter. The best part is that all the measures suggested as easy to achieve. This ensures you have no excuse for not caring for your pet. Let us get into the list already.

1. Keep the Cat Indoors
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This might seem as something obvious, but some people tend to keep their pets outdoors in winter including cats. Whenever it is cold outside, it is best if you can keep the cat indoors too.

Keeping the cat outdoors in the cold can lead to cases of hypothermia and frostbite. Additionally, other products used in de-icing of the roads and walkways can be dangerous to your cat. Considering it is an indoor cat, make sure that it stays indoors as that is where it belongs.

How about the outdoor cat? For this type of cat, it is advisable not to put a sweater on it for warmth. This is because such a cat would always find a way to get outdoors. With the sweater on, the cat might end up getting caught in a fence. It can end up having injuries when trying to free itself.

2. Get a Heated Cat Bed

Some people might have a problem keeping the thermostat too high during the whole winter season. So, what is the solution? Well, you should consider getting a heated cat bed for your pet. The bed will remain warm and toasty regardless of the temperature in the room.

Make sure that you get a heated bed meant for cats. It is designed to keep the temperature within the right tolerance for cats. Do not use the heating pads meant for other applications as they might lead to burns if not well-monitored. There are multiple heated cat beds online you can buy today. As such, it is best to get the top-rated bed for the cat.

3. Warm Cat Jacket

As part of keeping the cat comfortable indoors, a warm cat jacket might also be necessary. Yes, cats have plenty of fur to keep them warm, but sometimes that is not enough. Also, there are some hairless cats such as the Sphynx breed. Such a breed could use the additional jacket to keep it warm during the cold winter months. Getting warm cat jackets is not hard as there are multiple of them online.

4. The Home’s Temperature
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Your home’s temperature can also play an important role when it comes to how to keep indoors cats warm in winter. Make sure that the thermostat keeps the house warm for humans and cats too. For an indoor cat, a temperature range of 70 to 80 degrees F should be good enough.

For those people who prefer a cooler temperature, then consider keeping one room for the cat at a higher temperature. With the right temperature range, it should be easy to see the cat being lively around the house even with the cold persisting outdoors.

5. Watch Out for Any Warning Signs

The temperatures during winter can change quickly. At one point it can be slightly warm and then cold sets in dropping the temperatures fast. When the cat is exposed to extreme cold for extended periods, then it can end up with cases of hypothermia.

How do you know that your cat has hypothermia? Some of the symptoms include rapid breathing, lack of appetite, not drinking water, and cold extremities.

If you are concerned that the cat might have been exposed to the cold for too long, then call a vet to get further assistance.

Cats can be good at hiding their problems. As such, you need to be attentive to the cat. Most problems will only come out when they have been quite advanced. Each time you have a problem that you cannot handle, contact your vet for additional info on how to help the cat get better.

6. Monitor the Cat’s Calorie Intake
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Just like in humans, the amount of calories required to keep you active during winter will be a lot more. The same thing applies to the cats too. Also, it has to do with age. As cats grow older, they would need a lot more calories than before. Take note of the number of calories or food the cat eats per day. If the cat suddenly has no appetite, then it might because there is something wrong.

During winter, you want the cat to be as comfortable as possible. It is then advisable to provide as much food as possible. It is not just food, but also water. The last thing you want is to ration the water.

Whenever your cat has trouble feeding, then it is best to contact a vet for more guidance. This ensures you can treat your cat earlier and get it back to eating normally.

7. Keep the Litter Boxes and Beds Away from Drafts

As part of keeping the cat comfortable during winter, you should also consider keeping the cat beds and the litter boxes from being exposed to drafts. Cats love to stay in their beds during the cold months. As such, it will be better to protect them from further cold. You can always move the cat bed to another room where necessary.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to how to keep indoor cats warm in winter, it does not have to cost a lot. Sometimes it is the simple things you do that can help to keep the cat warm. From the various tips we have mentioned above, you should find it easy to handle the needs of a cat during the winter period. Always contact a vet if you find that your cat needs medical attention even during winter.

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