5 Best Cat Breeds for Mousing to Get Today

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For most people, they would keep cats in their homes as pets. However, others will have more uses for the cat such as catching mice in the homes. For those looking for the best cat breeds for mousing, which one would be ideal? With the many cat breeds available in the industry, sometimes you can get confused about which one to choose for mousing.

We look at a guide to help you identify the best cat breeds for mousing and the top cat breeds to choose. Let us get into the guide already.

Choosing the Best Cat Breeds for Mousing

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Below are several things to keep in mind when choosing the best cat breeds for mousing.

The cat alertness

For a good mouser, a cat is supposed to always be on high alert. This means that you have to consider cats with wide eyes and pointed ears. Take a note on how the cat responds to any stimulation close to them. If the cat responds to all the stimulations, then it will also react better to catching the mice in the home.

The age

The age is important to determine if the cat will be faster or slower. It is expected that an older cat will be slow in terms of reflex. You will notice that the senior cats will tend to spend most of their time sleeping. This makes such a cat is useless at catching mice around the house.

The breed origin

Kittens learn how to hunt from their mothers. So, learning more about the breed origin helps you to know more about the cat. If you are adopting it from a shelter, then consider talking to the caregivers to learn more about the cat’s background. This will help you only choose a cat with a hunting background if the breed information is limited.

Indoor or outdoor cat

Another important information you should ask the shelter caregiver is about where the cat has spent most of its time. There is a big difference between a cat that spent most of its time indoors and the one that spent hours outdoors. For an indoor cat, the hunting instincts might be worn out. You want a breed that still has its hunting instincts.

The cat behavior

The cat behavior is also another important characteristic to check out. You will learn more about the breed when you play with it. For a great mouser, it will react faster to every move that you make. Throw some toys at the cat and see how it reacts. For a cat that easily tracks the toy or gains interest, then it will be good for mousing. Mice can look strange to a cat, so it should be interested in it.

Top 5 Best Cat Breeds for Mousing

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Now that you know what you should be looking for in a cat breed, next is to look at the best cat breeds for mousing below.

American Shorthair

This has to be the oldest cat breed you will ever have to buy. The breed can be traced back to 300 years when the British pilgrims brought the cat breed to the U.S. The cat breed was commonly used for catching mice in the early days. It seems that their hunting capabilities have remained the same over the years.

The breed is seen as hardworking considering that it is good at catching mice in your home without much of a problem. Many also like to keep them as pets as they love cuddling. They can be quite affectionate, but return to their hunting nature if the need arises.


Persians are a popular cat breed ever since the 1800s. This is when the first cat shows were held. Other than being a great for hunting the mice in your home, the cat is also affectionate. As such, it can be a great pet in your home.

The Persian cats are seen to be very intelligent. It is why they would know when to be affectionate and when to hunt mice. We must insist that the females of the breed are the best when it comes to catching mice with ease.

Maine Coon

This is among the best cat breeds for mousing because of its impressive hunting capabilities. It is also known to be larger, long, and comes with a water-resistant coat. Just the size alone of the cat should be enough to scare the mouse. The cat was brought to the U.S. by the first colonists to help defend their food from mice infestation. That has remained the main reason to keep the cat breed in our homes ever since.

Yes, there is a relation between the name of the breed and the state of Maine. The breed is believed to have developed its strong body and coat to help it survive the harsh winters along the coast.


This is another option among the best cat breeds for mousing. It has been in homes for centuries now. It is surprising how French literature tends to be fond of the breed. It is why you are likely to read about it in many books.

The cats from this breed are born hunters. They are known to have a calm temperament while at the same time remains alert. You will also notice that their body is built for hunting considering it has a deep chest and tends to be muscular.


Many claim that this breed tends to think with their stomach. As such, it will always be on the look out for a good meal. For someone who has a problem of mice infestation, then this can be a great breed for dealing with them. The Burmese cats are known to be very intelligent and entertaining too. It can be a great cat breed for a home with children.


From the information above about the best cat breeds for mousing, you now have an idea about which breed to choose for your home. The list above is not conclusive as there are many other breeds to also consider. Some include the Turkish angora, ragdoll, Siamese, Cornish rex cat, Japanese bobtail, Siberian, birman cat, and Abyssinian cat. Depending on other factors, you should now pick the best cat for dealing with a mice infestation easily.